Essential Plugins

I wanted to post about all the plugins that I find most useful.

Browsers Misc


Blocks tracking cookies and if you like shows you who's trying to track you.  Once you've installed it, you'll have a much better idea of just how much you are getting tracked on every page you visit and also which sites break once you stop feeding them your usage information.  Every time you see a page with a +1 or a FB "like" button, guess what? G and FB are collecting your usage info whether you click the button or not!  Most blocked trackers so far: 17 on Tom's Hardware, the missus got 26 off some site, but I don't remember what it was...  Anyhow, you get the idea.

Mozilla Firefox

Tab Wheel Scroll 

This plugin lets you scroll-wheel through your tabs. I got used to this in Konqueror and I can't give it up. When your mouse is in the tab bar area, just scroll to flip through tabs.

Tab Mix Plus

It adds much more control over the behaviour of your tabs.  Tab Wheel Scroll fill my biggest need there, but lots of other customization in Tab Mix Plus that's super useful like selecting tabs by hovering or mouse gestures...

Nagios Checker

If you use Nagios for system monitoring (which you really should), then you'll want Nagios Checker which is a simple plugin which shows Nagios system status in your Firefox status box area. It's very flexible allowing you to disregard alerts based on system outages, acknowledgements, etc.

Adblock Plus

This plugin will generally block all ads on all sites.

Add to Search Bar

With Add to Search Bar you can add the search functionality of any page to the search box so any site can become a "search provider".

"Better Than Opera" Collection

Actually a collection of plugins - pick the ones you want.  There's Adblock Plus, Tab Mix Plus, plus lots of other interesting and useful ones worth checking out!

Mozilla Thunderbird


Quicktext is most useful for short-hand email templates. I often use it to generate a couple different standard sigs, like on some emails I want my full business signature with contact information etc and other emails a personal sig or something abbreviated.

Google Contacts

This is a very useful plugin which creates an address book to sync your contacts to / from Google. The nice thing is that it will mostly configure itself. It will create address books for each account you have setup in Thunderbird which accesses Google's servers.


Adds a lot of keyboard shortcuts to Thunderbird. I like being able to type "cc" at the start of a recipient line to change the line from a To: line to a CC: line.

Mail Redirect

Allows you to bounce emails. Old-school email hack which basically just resends the original email but to the recipient of your choosing. Unlike forwarding where you are just sending a copy of the email, bounced emails show the original sender and recipient information. Very useful for quickly redirecting email to the correct person.


See also: Wordpress MU

OpenID Provider for WordPress MU

Turn your blog into an OpenID provider and use your own blog to login to other sites.


Add syntax highlighting to your blog posts. Essential for anyone who posts code snippets whether bash scripts or C programs.

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